Home Renovations That Add Value

With the real estate market in decline in Australia, it’s understandable that homeowners have choosing not to put their homes up for sale. Many of the people lucky enough to get a buyer often have to settle for a much lower price than their home’s worth. While waiting for the markets to hit record highs again may be an option, making your house stand out from the rest in the market can still help you find a good buyer, and even fetch more than you anticipated. Taking on renovation projects to add value to your home is the trick here. You however need to invest in just the right and appropriate renovations to give your home that added value. You do have to be careful however not to over-capitalise. Discussed below are a few projects that do help add value to your home.

1. Kitchen Remodelling

According to research, a kitchen remodelling project (however small or big it is) does boost your home’s value and pays off almost instantly. This is because the kitchen is among the first rooms new homeowners will scrutinise before looking into the bathroom or the bedrooms. Ensuring the kitchen is spacious enough, practical, and easy to get around adds more points to the home’s value. Even the simplest of kitchen renovations such as applying a fresh lick of paint (consider professional painters for the job), installing a new glass splashback, countertop, open shelves and cabinets can do the trick.

Don’t however invest too much on kitchen upgrades alone. It needs to have a uniform look and feel like the other rooms in the house. You however shouldn’t forget to replace leaky faucets, sinks, and go for energy-efficient appliances. Energy-star rated appliances will be your best pick for improved value and energy efficiency.

2. Add or Update Bathrooms

A good bathroom is a worthy investment for your home. It is considered the second most important room in every house and a key consideration in home valuation. Giving your bathroom an uplift, or add some more to the house is a good move. For the best results, invest in; modern glass shower screens, conventional lighting fixtures for the bathroom, cabinets, open shelves, a good sink, and low-flow shower heads. An instant shower will also come in handy for the bathroom.

shower screen

Consider upgrading the toilet lit and seat instead of getting rid of the entire perch. Just changing the tops and the seat gives it a fresh new look, and you don’t have to hire a plumber to install these. You’ll need sizeable mirrors in the bathroom as well. Having a huge mirror facing the bathroom window will also help reflect natural light in the room as well. The bathroom floor also needs to be worked on to get rid of any signs of wear and tear.

3. Reinvent a Room

If the house is big enough and with some dead space, you can then convert the dead space into a new room. The same applies to those with indoor garages that they don’t need. Turning the garage into an extra bedroom, a home office, etc. will help improve the home’s value significantly. There are some amazing things you can do if your garage floor is concrete. Walker Concreting (Gold Coast) produce the most amazing epoxy flooring. Attic spaces can also be converted into more useful spaces such as game rooms, craft rooms, or as a storage room.

Reinventing a room in an already existing structure can be an expensive project particularly if you don’t plan for it. Hiring a professional contractor for the remodelling project can however save you both time and money. You will also be surprised how affordable it is converting a garage or attic to an extra room.

4. Add Energy-Efficient Insulation

Many homeowners today are conscious of their carbon footprint and prefer more energy efficient homes for that matter. Ensuring your home is energy efficient by adding an extra layer of insulation to the attic, weather-stripping garage doors, windows, and even investing in double/triple glazed windows and doors should improve the value of your home significantly. You’ll also need to look seal cracks and crevices that cause heat loss or gain during cold/warm weather.

An energy efficient home is not only comfortable to live in but also reduces energy bills significantly. Other ways of improving energy efficiency in your home include replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs or energy saver bulbs, upgrading the home’s air conditioning system to an eco-friendly one, and using programmable thermostats with the same.

5. Work on the Flooring

The floor is another important aspect of the house. Giving your floor an upgrade, or simply renovating it should give the house a fresh and comfortable look and feel. If you already have a hardwood floor installed, you then should consider having then re-waxed, and repairs are done on any broken or worn planks. If your budget allows it, have new flooring installed to give the house the aesthetic and value boost it needs. The kitchen and bathroom bathrooms too need to be worked on properly to maintain uniformity. Most people however prefer tiled bathrooms as they retain value very well.

6. Roof Renovations

A good roof will attract new prospecting homeowners while a beaten down one will only repel potential customers. Working on your roof to ensure it does more than just protect your valuables from harsh weather should make your home more expensive. You can either paint and restore the roof, or have a new one installed. Roofing can however be a costly venture and you’ll need a reasonable budget to make a difference. You’ll also need to hire an excellent roofer to handle the renovations. The roofer should also use the best quality roofing materials as well.

Even the smallest of repairs such as fixing leaky fixtures and plumbing, or changing the locks to better, stronger ones, maintaining the lawn, and keeping the garden in the backyard in good shape goes a long way in improving your home’s value. These simple deeds will not only make your house stand out in the neighbourhood, but also attract potential high-value customers your way. Depending on how much you wish to spend on home renovations and remodelling, you should be able to find just the right spot to fix to improve functionality in the same. Although DIY projects seem interesting, you are better off working with a certified and experienced contractor throughout the project.

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