Why Seeking Professional Business Finance Advice Is A Must

One of the big Australian dreams is to start your own business. Managing your own business may seem for the majority of individuals, but it takes a lot of time and hard work. Running your own business, and making it prosper requires more than just knowledge on business management. You also need to prepare a financial plan; which is one of the first and the top priorities every new business owner should take into consideration.

What Your Financial Plan Should Consist:

You’d often times read and hear numerous business finance advice from various people, but it’s rare to get similar plans and suggestions. This is because every business is different, which also means that every financial plan may vary at the same time.

While you may not find a “general” formula on how to come up with a financial plan for your business, it is essential that you take into consideration a plan that addresses your business financial needs. What are your expenses? What are the different stages you have to go through, and what would you need to spend your money on, what business assets do you need to fund?- equipment finance, asset finance, business expansion loans etc?

You also have to consider your business’ financial cycle. How often would you have to spend money, and how fast is the ROI? All of these things have to be taken into account when working on your financial plan.

While the majority of small business owners may not have access to all the tools and information that they need to establish the right plan, this is where financial advisors play an important role. Some business owners think that hiring a financial advisor would be a waste of time, however, it is the other way around.

Consider hiring an advisor as a form of investment. You’ll reap more benefits in return when you do things the right way. This is where small businesses make their first mistake. Just because you’re trying to cut costs doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start cutting expenses on one area or aspect, just because you feel like doing so.

You need to justify those costs, learn how you can recover from those expenses and see which areas would do fine even when a smaller amount of money is invested. All of these things can be explained in detail to you with the right financial advisor.

Hiring The Right Business Finance Advisor

There is no denying that despite all the information posted online, many budding business owners are still confused on who to turn to when it comes to financial advice. It may sound tough at first, but all it takes is time, a bit of common sense and some recommendations: all of these will help you find the right consultant your business needs.

Who Are They Working With?

This is one of the simplest ways of filtering out those qualified consultants from those that you shouldn’t waste your time and money on. Working with consultants who have extensive experience working with different industries and companies is a huge advantage on your end. These consultants will be able to bring forward various ideas and give you different perspectives and advice based on the best and most effective practices in the industry.

Consultants who’ve worked with other businesses before will also be able to give you sound advice on where to place your money, as well as help you avoid common mistakes which are usually done by start-up businesses. This will give you a huge head start, and assist you in making the right decisions when it comes to your business financial plan.

Businesses, big or small, will be considered successful as long as finances are handled properly, in line with proper management. When it comes to business finance advice, make sure that you find a consultant to help you out with your basic questions, as well as give you the best information to help you formulate and come up with the right decision for your business.

Granny Flat Advantages

If you have the space it might be a good idea to build a granny flat in your backyard. There are a lot of benefits to it and it can be a great thing. Think about all the different things you could do with it.

When you build a granny flat you will raise your property value which will be a good thing. If you ever do sell your home then you will get more money for it. It is always a good idea to find ways to raise your property values.

Another reason for it would be to have the extra guest space. When you have people come and visit, they can stay there. You can have family come for extended periods of time and they will have their own space. This will be great for everyone.

The next reason to build one is so you can rent it out and earn money from it. Not only will you be able to raise your property value but you will be earning extra money in rent. You do have to keep in mind how much it costs you to build it and make that a factor when it comes time to figure out how much to charge for living there.granny flats inside and out

Turning part of your property into an investment property isn’t for everyone. You will have another person or family living right by you. You won’t have as much privacy and it might make you feel a little strange.

On the other hand it can be a really good thing. You might make friends with your renters and they could become your best friends. It just depends on your personality and how your dynamic is going to be.

The first step in figuring out if a granny flat will work for you is by going over plans and talking to a local granny flat builder builder Elite Portables about it. This way you can figure out how much it will cost to build what you want to build. It will also let you know how long it will take. That is something you want to think about as well.

After you have sat down with the builder and made plans, you need to be aware of what will happen during the building process. You want to prepare yourself, your home and your family for what is to come. There will be people in your yard building something and everyone needs to be aware of how that will go.

Once it is done you will be so glad you decided to go for it. You can walk through it and start to make plans for how you will decorate it. You can also decide if you want to rent it out furnished or not.

There is a lot to think about if you do decide to go with a granny flat. There are positives to it but it might not be the best thing for everyone. Take some time to figure it all out.

Home Renovations That Add Value

With the real estate market in decline in Australia, it’s understandable that homeowners have choosing not to put their homes up for sale. Many of the people lucky enough to get a buyer often have to settle for a much lower price than their home’s worth. While waiting for the markets to hit record highs again may be an option, making your house stand out from the rest in the market can still help you find a good buyer, and even fetch more than you anticipated. Taking on renovation projects to add value to your home is the trick here. You however need to invest in just the right and appropriate renovations to give your home that added value. You do have to be careful however not to over-capitalise. Discussed below are a few projects that do help add value to your home.

1. Kitchen Remodelling

According to research, a kitchen remodelling project (however small or big it is) does boost your home’s value and pays off almost instantly. This is because the kitchen is among the first rooms new homeowners will scrutinise before looking into the bathroom or the bedrooms. Ensuring the kitchen is spacious enough, practical, and easy to get around adds more points to the home’s value. Even the simplest of kitchen renovations such as applying a fresh lick of paint (consider professional Brisbane painters for the job), installing a new countertop, open shelves and cabinets can do the trick.

Don’t however invest too much on kitchen upgrades alone. It needs to have a uniform look and feel like the other rooms in the house. You however shouldn’t forget to replace leaky faucets, sinks, and go for energy-efficient appliances. Energy-star rated appliances will be your best pick for improved value and energy efficiency.

2. Add or Update Bathrooms

A good bathroom is a worthy investment for your home. It is considered the second most important room in every house and a key consideration in home valuation. Giving your bathroom an uplift, or add some more to the house is a good move. For the best results, invest in conventional lighting fixtures for the bathroom, cabinets, open shelves, a good sink, and low-flow shower heads. An instant shower will also come in handy for the bathroom.

shower screen

Consider upgrading the toilet lit and seat instead of getting rid of the entire perch. Just changing the tops and the seat gives it a fresh new look, and you don’t have to hire a plumber to install these. You’ll need sizeable mirrors in the bathroom as well. Having a huge mirror facing the bathroom window will also help reflect natural light in the room as well. The bathroom floor also needs to be worked on to get rid of any signs of wear and tear.

3. Reinvent a Room

If the house is big enough and with some dead space, you can then convert the dead space into a new room. The same applies to those with indoor garages that they don’t need. Turning the garage into an extra bedroom, a home office, etc. will help improve the home’s value significantly. There are some amazing things you can do if your garage floor is concrete. Walker Concreting (Gold Coast) produce the most amazing epoxy flooring. Attic spaces can also be converted into more useful spaces such as game rooms, craft rooms, or as a storage room.

Reinventing a room in an already existing structure can be an expensive project particularly if you don’t plan for it. Hiring a professional contractor for the remodelling project can however save you both time and money. You will also be surprised how affordable it is converting a garage or attic to an extra room.

4. Add Energy-Efficient Insulation

Many homeowners today are conscious of their carbon footprint and prefer more energy efficient homes for that matter. Ensuring your home is energy efficient by adding an extra layer of insulation to the attic, weather-stripping garage doors, windows, and even investing in double/triple glazed windows and doors should improve the value of your home significantly. You’ll also need to look seal cracks and crevices that cause heat loss or gain during cold/warm weather.

An energy efficient home is not only comfortable to live in but also reduces energy bills significantly. Other ways of improving energy efficiency in your home include replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs or energy saver bulbs, upgrading the home’s air conditioning system to an eco-friendly one, and using programmable thermostats with the same.

5. Work on the Flooring

The floor is another important aspect of the house. Giving your floor an upgrade, or simply renovating it should give the house a fresh and comfortable look and feel. If you already have a hardwood floor installed, you then should consider having then re-waxed, and repairs are done on any broken or worn planks. If your budget allows it, have new flooring installed to give the house the aesthetic and value boost it needs. The kitchen and bathroom bathrooms too need to be worked on properly to maintain uniformity. Most people however prefer tiled bathrooms as they retain value very well.

6. Roof Renovations

A good roof will attract new prospecting homeowners while a beaten down one will only repel potential customers. Working on your roof to ensure it does more than just protect your valuables from harsh weather should make your home more expensive. You can either have the roof renovated, or have a new one installed. Roofing can however be a costly venture and you’ll need a reasonable budget to make a difference. You’ll also need to hire an excellent roofer to handle the renovations. The roofer should also use the best quality roofing materials as well.

Even the smallest of repairs such as fixing leaky fixtures and plumbing, or changing the locks to better, stronger ones, maintaining the lawn, and keeping the garden in the backyard in good shape goes a long way in improving your home’s value. These simple deeds will not only make your house stand out in the neighbourhood, but also attract potential high-value customers your way. Depending on how much you wish to spend on home renovations and remodelling, you should be able to find just the right spot to fix to improve functionality in the same. Although DIY projects seem interesting, you are better off working with a certified and experienced contractor throughout the project.

5 Professionals You’ll Use When Buying A Home

When you are in the market to purchase a home, there are many different things that occur. The process can be a lengthy one. However, the time it takes and the number of professionals that will be involved help ensure the transaction is a positive one. As you consider buying a home, you will want to learn about the professionals you will need along the way. Read on for some helpful information you can use while going through a home purchase.

young family imagining what their new home will look like1. First of all, you may want to consult with a real estate agent. This professional will help you through the entire process with their expertise of the home buying process. A real estate agent may be able to help you find the perfect home, as they show you many other choices along the way. Once you do find the house that you want to call yours, they can help you create and submit an offer to the sellers. Not only that, but they are great to answer questions and provide information relating to the process of buying a home.

2. Another professional that will be a part of the home buying process is a lender. Depending on the type of financial institution that you plan to use for getting a home loan, you may work with one certain loan officer or you may work with a team. Either way, loan officers are the professionals that will help you finance your house. They are the ones you share all of your financial information with. You will have to start by applying for a home loan with the financial institution and then the loan officer will look over this information. They will then be able to discuss the options they can offer you for financing a home. And once you do find the home you want to finance, they will be able to help you do so.

Talk to a financial planner to ensure you can pay off the loan and increase your wealth profile

Gold Coast building inspectors from The Pest Company3. You will also likely work with professional building and pest inspectors like The Pest Company Gold Coast or Home Inspect Queensland. These are the people who will do a thorough exam of the house you are considering purchasing. The information that they gather will be used not only by the financial institution to determine if the home is worthy of providing a loan for, but you can also use the information to decide if you still want to purchase the house. A professional inspector will look a house over from top to bottom and may find things that were not mentioned by the buyer or caught by you as you took time to look over the place. Structural or termite damage if found can be avoided or if you absolutely must have the home irrespectively, contact local builders to get that sorted for you.

4. In Queensland, you’ll also require the services of a property conveyancer who will guide you through the contract for sale and all the other paperwork that comes with this significant purchase.

5. Finally the professional furniture removalist (Gold Coast Local Moves) will move you into your new home. Take advantage of their packing service too.

As you can see, when you are going through the home buying process, there are several professionals that you will be working with. The buying process will likely involve a real estate agent who works as your advocate as you find the perfect place to call home. You will also be working with a lender to help you finance the home. Also, an inspector will help you and the lender ensure the house is in good shape.

Roof Painting And Restoration

The roof is one of the most expensive to install or repair and many people freak out when they about. This is because it is usually expensive to install or repair. If there is a need to repair or replace your roof, there is no need of trying to postpone it. Delaying it means you will have to pay more when you decide to do it. There extend of the damage can increase and force you to do more repairs on your roofing. Roof painting and restoration should not be a headache because it is a good way to increase the life of your roofing.roof painter restoring a tile roof

Maintaining you roof is important because you can easily increase its life. You will also avoid having any leaks that might result in the growth of mould. Clearing the roof for debris is also a good idea in trying to increase the life of your roofing. Making sure that the roof is properly maintained is a sure way of avoiding having to replace it soon. How can you ensure the roof is properly maintained?

Roof painting and restoration can be one of the ways to maintain the roofing if your home. Using a professional, you can change the way your home looks. You also have the chance of restoring the roof to its original condition. Roof painting and restoration will go a long way in helping you save a lot of money when it comes to your roofing. Why you need roof painting and restoration?

Improve the look of your home

Painting your home can give it a new look, and even people will think you have replaced the entire roof. This, in turn, will increase the resale value of your home. A professional know how he can bring the best out of your home by just painting the roof. The next time your friends or family come over, they will be impressed with the new look. There are different colors that can be used, depending on the materials and your preferences.

Increasing the life of the roof

Painting and restoration is a great way to increase the life of your roofing. With the right professional by your side, you can easily increase the life of your roof and save a lot in the long run. If there are repairs needed, they will be fixed and you roofing will be as good as new.

SEO In 2018: What Is Working?

Search engine optimisation will never stop changing. And although the coming changes may be small and tedious, they add up in the end. This is why experienced webmasters were ready for 2017 in 2016 because they knew trends would change. Now the question is, what actually works for competitive SEO in 2017? Top SEO Brisbane outline 5 tactics for webmasters to consider in 2017.

5 SEO Tactics That Still Work in 2018 and Beyond

Prolong User Engagement

Prolonging user engagement is something all webmasters have been trying to do since websites were available online. They don’t want their traffic to spend time on other sites, so there’s always a focus on keeping the bounce rate at a minimum.

But it would seem that Google has shown favour towards sites with low bounce rates. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any direct statements from Google that longer user engagement means a better chance of reaching the front page, but research from SimilarWeb and Backlinko suggest this might well be the case.

Even though user engagement has always been a top priority, it could be wise to up the level of effort. The research from the above companies involved more than 1 million sites, which makes it worth considering.

A suggestion on how to actually do this is to look at content formatting. Are the sentences and paragraphs short and informative enough? Are bullet points used? What about sub-headings? Webmasters want to make their content as easy to read as possible.

Beef Up Existing Content

Fresh content is always great, but it’s not always logical to churn out 2000+ word articles. If it’s not time-consuming it’s going to be expensive. In other words, it’s more realistic to take established content and add the extra words.

This isn’t necessary for every post, instead, use posts that already rank fairly high. The extra content can give it that little boost it needs to rank at the top.

Utilize YouTube

It would be logical to think that search engines like Bing and Yahoo! are second to Google. In reality, YouTube is no. 2 in terms of popular search engines. The video sharing site gets more than 3 billion searches a month, raking in more than Yahoo! and Bing combined.

For webmasters, it means another way to reach the masses and gain more traction. Taking into consideration that a little more than half of the searches on Google bring with them a video, and more than 80% of these videos can be found on YouTube, this engine is having a substantial influence on SEO in 2017.

Speed Matters

The loading speed of site will continue to matter indefinitely. Since 2010 Google made it official that speed will be a factor for rankings, and with innovations to make mobile searches even faster, search engines continue to focus on loading speed.

According to research, most users have a wait expectancy of 2 seconds. So many users move on to another site if the site fails to load in that time, which makes it so important. Apart from gaining better rankings, it speaks directly to user engagement, which also supports the first tip in this article.

Topics Versus Keywords

The transition to using key phrases instead of keywords has been slow, but it’s definitely getting there. Search engines are getting more attuned to actually answering the query of the user, instead of just showing them posts that closest relate to their keywords. Engines want to get to know their audience, and so should the webmaster.

The importance of providing content that actually focuses on giving the user something they can use is gradually winning the keyword battle.

These are some of the elements for SEO that actually work for 2018 and beyond, so pay close attention and use them.